About Us

One winter afternoon, six photographer friends met for lunch to celebrate the unusual circumstance of being in the same place at the same time. The conversation navigated over the usual terrain most photographers cover when sharing notes and photo war stories, and eventually the discussion moved on to the desire to stay inspired and make new work. An idea blossomed—to create a visual dialogue with each other–and before we paid the check, Six Shooters was born.

Our goal? To express Six points of view, over Six days, creating a thread of visual connections whether it be through subject, color, light, or gesture, leading the viewer on a photographic journey — a visual train, so to speak, with each image dependent on the one in front or behind to make the engine operate and stay on track.

Six Shooters was founded in 2012 by Nancy Baron, Noelle Gilbert, Cat Gwynn, Heidi Lender, Aline Smithson, and Ashly Stohl. After reaching 500 images, two of the original Six Shooters, Heidi Lender and Ashly Stohl, are moving onto other projects and we welcome Eleonora Ronconi and Bootsy Holler into the conversation.

As photographers, we each approach our craft in a unique way. Some of us are film shooters, using vintage cameras and age-old techniques. Some of us have wholly embraced the digital revolution, and some straddle both worlds. What we have in common is that we love to make photographs. And with Six Shooters, we let our photographs do the talking.

The Founders

Nancy Baron, Noelle Gilbert, Cat Gwynn, Heidi Lender, Aline Smithson, Ashly Stohl

Guest Six Shooters

Tomiko Jones , Barbara Peacock, Andi Schreiber, Jennifer McClure